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How Family Mediation Works

How Can the Mediation Process help Me?​

how mediation works

How Mediation works for Families?

Mediation can help you if you are going through a partnership or family breakdown or dispute. Family mediation can help by taking full control and responsibility for you in reaching an agreement without the need to involve lawyers and judges.

In most cases the parties are more open and candid during a mediation process and this usually results in a settlement being made that is acceptable to both sides.

Can Family Mediation Really Help?

Affordable, Cost effective mediation for fast resolution to your disputes


ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) refers to methods of resolving disputes outside of traditional litigation or court proceedings. It offers alternative approaches to resolving conflicts more efficiently, cost-effectively, and with greater emphasis on collaboration and communication.

Mediation is a popular form of ADR. In mediation, a neutral third party, known as the mediator, facilitates discussions between the parties involved in a dispute. 

Will it Work?

Mediation is a voluntary process; you or , the mediator, can terminate the process at any time if anyone considers that the process is unlikely to reach a satisfactory resolution.

National Mediation Camarthenshire can help if you and your partner are locked in dispute by providing an opportunity to discuss your differences in a controlled environment that is not subjected to the strict rules imposed by a court hearing. Mediation is particularly valuable in on-going disputes that have been created by a marriage or civil partnership breakdown especially when children are involved.

Qualified Mediators

Our qualified mediators can help reach a satisfactory resolution in disputes that may include the contact and residency of children, personal finances, distribution of property etc and can help improve the levels of cooperation between the parties.

Mediation Camarthenshire  can often lead to a reduction of hostility and a better understanding being established between those involved that often provides a more satisfactory conclusion than going to court.

How Mediation Works - What To Know:

Family mediation is a process that helps families resolve disputes through facilitated discussions that are designed to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. The mediator—a neutral third party—assists family members in identifying and discussing their concerns and needs. The mediator does not take sides or make any decisions. Instead, the focus remains on creating a collaborative and constructive dialogue that leads to a resolution.

The actual mediation process with National Family Mediation Service Camarthenshire starts with a joint meeting where the parties, along with the mediator, discuss their respective positions and identify any areas of agreement or disagreement. The mediator encourages the parties to actively listen to the other party’s perspective, and to avoid interrupting or criticizing. After the initial meeting, the mediator meets with each party separately to help identify private concerns and goals. 

Confidentiality remains a key component throughout the process with National Family Mediation Service Camarthenshire. Once the mediator has collected enough information from both parties, a negotiation session may occur, which aims to reach an agreement between all parties. This process may repeat itself over a few mediation sessions.

How Mediation Works to Stop Fighting - Save Your Family Relationships Today

My Ex Won't Communicate With me?

If your ex doesn’t want to talk, it can be challenging, especially when making decisions together. Mediation can help. The National Family Mediation Service is here to assist in having productive conversations even when direct communication is difficult.

Our mediators create a neutral and supportive space for both parties to express concerns and find agreeable solutions. Mediation breaks down communication barriers and promotes understanding for the well-being of everyone involved.

My Ex Won't Listen to Reason?

It can be frustrating when communication becomes challenging, especially if your ex-partner is not receptive to reason. In such cases, mediation remains a valuable tool. Our experienced mediators at the National Family Mediation Service specialize in helping parties navigate difficult conversations.

During mediation, a neutral third party can facilitate discussions, ensuring that each person’s perspective is heard and understood. This process encourages rational dialogue, allowing for the exploration of practical and reasonable solutions. By engaging in mediation, you empower yourselves to find common ground and move forward constructively. Reach out to us to explore how our mediation services can assist you in resolving disputes amicably.

Should we get back together?

Deciding whether to reconcile is a personal and complex choice. The National Family Mediation Service Camarthenshire primarily focuses on assisting individuals in the difficult conversations and making informed decisions. While our mediators don’t provide relationship advice, they can help you both communicate openly and explore your thoughts and feelings about the possibility of getting back together.

Mediation provides a safe and structured environment for honest discussions, allowing you to better understand each other’s perspectives and make decisions that align with your individual needs and desires. If you are considering reconciliation or simply need assistance in communicating effectively, our mediators are here to support you through the process.

Mediation or Counselling?

When deciding between mediation and counselling, it depends on the issues you’re facing. Mediation is good for specific disputes, joint decisions, and improving communication. A neutral mediator guides you through a structured process.

Counselling, also known as couples therapy, focuses on resolving emotional and interpersonal issues. It aims to understand the root causes and improve overall relationship dynamics.

Choose mediation for practical decision-making and communication help. Opt for counselling if you want to explore deeper emotional aspects. Sometimes, a combination of both can be helpful. The National Family Mediation Service can guide you based on your unique situation.

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